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Providing Marine surveys and Consulting immediately to the Gulf Coast States of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida. Travel includes all other States, Regions and Countries as requested or needed. Previous travel experience includes; most U.S coastal and inland states, Australia, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Greece and the Dominican Republic.

SAMS® Accredited Marine Surveyor
ABYC® Standards Accredited
USPAP® Certificate on Appraisal Standards

Engine Surveys / Inspections

Engine surveys are performed by qualified marine engine technicians that specialize in particular motor applications. NSI has an outboard engine tech on staff utilized for marine survey inspections only, no repair work.

This is highly recommended for pre-purchase survey inspections.

Inspection would include the following on outboard motors:

****An overall visual inspection of the engine(s) to look for things such as galvanic corrosion, worn timing belts, proper belt tension, proper wiring connections, improper previous repairs and corrosion.

Diesel engine mechanical surveys are provided by trained diesel engine technicians, and we can help expedite/arrange those technicians for you, which is highly recommended as part of the vessel survey process.

Motors cost SERIOUS MONEY, therefore pre-purchase engine mechanical inspections can potentially SAVE you thousands in repair costs from unseen damage, and missed general maintenance schedules and/or manufacture routine maintenance schedules.

The typical mechanical Survey inspection includes:

Engine Survey costs vary by engine type and size, please call for specific details.

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