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Immediately serving the Gulf Coast region of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and the Florida Panhandle, to include regular travel to other countries and regions.

Engine Surveys/Inspections

Nautical Services, Inc., Marine Surveyors, Engine Surveys Engine surveys are performed by a qualified marine engine technician, and specialize in outboard motor applications.

Diesel motor mechanical surveys are provided by local diesel engine technicians and we can help arrange that if necessary.

Motors cost SERIOUS MONEY, therefore a pre-purchase Survey inspection can potentially SAVE you unnecessary and unwanted repair costs.

The typical mechanical Survey inspection includes:
  • Removal and observation of the spark plugs
  • Mechanical compression test
  • Alternator output and starter motors electrical draw
  • Fuel, oil, transmission, and raw water pressure's tested
  • Visual fluid inspection
  • Fuel system condition
  • Engine mount(s) condition
  • Hydraulic (or otherwise) steering system condition and operation
  • Transmission/gear case oil condition and Spectrometric oil analysis capable (if requested)
  • Computer download from fuel-injected engines ECU (Electronic Control Unit) with analysis
Engine Survey costs vary by engine type and size, please call for specific details.

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